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SHISEIDO TSUBAKI Premium REPAIR hair water 220ml

SHISEIDO TSUBAKI Premium REPAIR hair water 220ml

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Fresh floral fruity scent

soft and fluffy

Directions for use
Use on wet hair after washing (towel dry) or dry hair. 
Spray enough to moisten hair, leaving a distance of 5 to 10 cm from hair. 
To start using, remove the stopper and pull the handle several times until a mist comes out. 
The spray tip is not a cap. Do not loosen or remove.

Product Type
Hair Water

Main body/Refill
Main body

Innovative penetration technology inspired by salon treatment technology

Precautions *Please be sure to check the product you receive.
If it gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water or lukewarm water. 
Be careful not to inhale. 
Please be careful not to stick to floor surfaces, as it may become slippery. 
To prevent clogging, be sure to wipe off the mouth of the container after use. 
If it becomes difficult to get the contents out, wipe the mouth of the container carefully with tissue paper or the like. 
Keep out of reach of infants. 
If stored at low temperatures, the contents may turn cloudy white, but this does not affect the quality. 
Do not store in the sun or in high temperatures. 
Please be careful of fire.

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