About the year-end and New Year holidays

Many manufacturers will be closed from December 28th to January 6th.
We can ship in-stock items.
However, items that are out of stock will begin shipping from January 7th.
Please contact us in advance for urgent orders.

Important Notices

In some countries, shipping methods are limited due to the influence of COVID-19.

The current shipping status. Please check before ordering.

Surface mail is shipped by ship.
So Surface mail takes an average of 3 months

Especially Surface mail to Russia is currently very late.
It will definitely take more than 3 months.
Please be careful.


About delivery by DHL

We have started shipping by DHL.
However, some products cannot be sent.
We also need to calculate the volume weight, so our store system cannot automatically calculate the shipping cost.
So if you want to use DHL, please write down the product you want and email it.
We will send you a quote.
Thank you.

[mail] info@japan-shampoo.com