"Relax with a head spa today after a long day at work," "Just a quick treatment before a weekend date," or "Reward yourself for your hard work with a special head spa and treatment.
The new "Nasheed Spa & Treatment" is designed to suit the "current mood" of various women. By combining a spa and treatment, you can relax and care for your skin in less time, selecting from five different aromas according to your concerns and enjoying the scent while receiving the treatment. Spa gel is used to thoroughly remove dirt from the pores of the scalp, and spa cream is used to massage the scalp to improve the scalp environment and support anti-aging care. The treatment can meet various needs by combining four different items according to the damage and situation.
If you take your time, your beauty will respond to you. It is a well-known fact that beauty and time are inseparable. However, it is not easy for women who live in a busy world. Nasheed Spa & Treatment proposes a new value of beauty. 

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