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Shiseido SENKA Perfect white clay 120g

Shiseido SENKA Perfect white clay 120g

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"Micro beauty foam" removes dirt from pores and even improves texture with each wash
Double cleansing ingredients* to address the problem of stubborn blackheads in pores
A facial cleanser that firmly adsorbs and cleanses even blackheads and keratin plugs, leaving your skin smooth, clear, and refreshed.
*Dark spots adsorbing charcoal (labeled as charcoal) and white clay

Product Features
Micro beauty foam cushion protects skin from friction,

The cushion of micro beauty foam protects the skin from friction and removes dirt and grime from pores while protecting moisture.

Removes dead skin cells.

Adopts moisture-introducing technology.

* White clay is a natural mineral-rich mud that gently purifies the skin and supports skin renewal.

The fine micro beauty foam contains charcoal and white clay to absorb blackheads and dirt.

The charcoal and clay work together to firmly adsorb and remove dirt from pores, blackheads, and keratin plugs.
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