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Product Features

  • Contains a high amount of the active ingredient "medicinal hydroxyapatite <mHAP>" developed by Sangi (compared to the standard type).
  • "Medicinal hydroxyapatite" adsorbs and removes dental plaque, repairs (recrystallizes) invisible microscopic scratches on the enamel on the tooth surface, and replenishes minerals (replenishment) to mineral-deficient areas of teeth (early caries*). Prevents tooth decay with 3 actions of calcification.
  • A brightening formula that contains "medicinal hydroxyapatite" and a natural pearl component (brightening agent: hydrolyzed conchiolin solution) extracted from pearls and pearl oysters.
  • By keeping your teeth healthy, you can bring out the whiteness and beauty of your teeth.
  • Refreshing light mint flavor with a gentle sweetness.
  • The cap is a one-touch cap that can be easily opened and closed with one hand. The 100g size is a 2-way type that can be used with both screws (turning). It is easy to squeeze out the toothpaste to the end.

To whiten teeth, prevent the occurrence and progression of tooth decay, prevent gingivitis, prevent alveolar pyorrhea, purify the mouth, refresh the mouth, prevent bad breath, remove tobacco tar

Base material: calcium hydrogen phosphate for toothpaste, silicic anhydride
Solvent: purified water
Wetting agent: concentrated glycerin, sodium silicate
Sweeteners: xylitol, sodium saccharin
Medicinal ingredients: medicinal hydroxyapatite, macrogol 400 (polyethylene glycol), β-glycyrrhetinic acid, cetylpyridinium chloride
Blowing Agent: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Binder : Sodium carboxymethylcellulose
Flavoring agent: fragrance (light mint type)
Stabilizer: Magnesium Phosphate
Brightener : Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Liquid
Preservative : Alkyldiaminoethylglycine hydrochloride solution

Flavor: light mint

how to use
Apply an appropriate amount (about 1 cm) to the toothbrush and brush well so that the medicinal ingredients work. Especially before going to bed, please brush carefully.

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