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Recommended for children in the "replacement period" of baby teeth and permanent teeth!
Low foaming type that is easy for children to brush
Contains medicated hydroxyapatite <mHAP> that protects teeth from tooth decay

Product Features

  • Baby teeth and newly erupted permanent teeth are prone to caries because their enamel is immature, and once they become caries, they progress rapidly.
  • APAKIDS is a medicated toothpaste that replenishes the minerals dissolved from immature enamel, which is susceptible to damage, and protects young teeth from cavities.
  • As an active ingredient to prevent cavities, it contains "medicinal hydroxyapatite", which is almost the same as teeth* and has a high affinity for the human body, and does not contain "fluorine".
  • "Medicinal hydroxyapatite" adsorbs and removes dental plaque that causes cavities, repairs immature enamel surfaces, remineralizes early cavities (a state just before cavities), and improves milk teeth and newly grown teeth. Protects permanent teeth from tooth decay.
  • Contains xylitol and trehalose (sweetener).
  • A unique and popular ramune flavor.
  • A guide dog character is used for the package.
  • [Part of the sales will be used for support activities for training assistance dogs and social participation of people with disabilities through the Guide Dog Comprehensive Support Center.] 

Solvent: purified water
Wetting agent: Sorbit liquid, concentrated glycerin
Base material: hydrated silicic acid, anhydrous silicic acid
Sweeteners: xylitol, trehalose, stevia extract
Medicinal ingredients: medicinal hydroxyapatite, cetylpyridinium chloride
Binder : Sodium carboxymethylcellulose
Blowing Agent: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Flavoring agent: Fragrance (ramune type)
Preservative : Alkyldiaminoethylglycine hydrochloride solution

Flavor: Ramune

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