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ROSETTE Cleansing Paste HAKUDEI LIFT 120g

ROSETTE Cleansing Paste HAKUDEI LIFT 120g

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for dry and sensitive skin

[Description of item]
A facial cleansing foam that contains white mud and plenty of skin-beautifying ingredients. "Pasta" means "pasta made by kneading flour". Wrap it in a dense foam containing fine white mud powder, and gently wash it off by adhering to dirt. Moisturizing and comfortable to wash, leaving your skin smooth and fluffy like silk.
Clean skin with white mud
Fine particulate white mud adsorbs and removes old keratin and dirt that cause dullness due to its mild cleansing effect.
Moisturizes and firms the skin
Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and collagen leads to firm skin.
Fragrance-free, color-free, mineral oil-free

[how to use]
Take an appropriate amount (about 1 cm) on the palm of your hand, lather well with water or lukewarm water, wash with a gentle massage with lather, and then rinse thoroughly without leaving any rinsing residue.

[All ingredients]
Water (purified water), K myristate (vegetable soap), stearic acid (skin protectant), glycerin (moisturizer), DPG (moisturizer), K stearate (vegetable soap), cocoyl glycine K (washing) Agent), PEG-75 (moisturizer), K laurate (cleaning agent), kaolin (white mud: cleaning agent), PEG-6 (moisturizer), PEG-32 (moisturizer), octenyl succinate trehalose (cleaning agent) ), Na hyaluronate (moisturizer), hydrolyzed collagen (moisturizer), hydrogenated lecithin (moisturizer), BG (moisturizer), pentylene glycol (moisturizer)

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