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napla NASEED COLOR (quick gray color) 80g

napla NASEED COLOR (quick gray color) 80g

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A color that nurtures beautiful "seed".
The power of seed oil gives you rich moisture, pure color, and even more lustrous hair color.

A beautiful hair color full of moisture that every woman longs for.
Even if one of them comes true, I'm a little more confident than before, and every day will surely be fun.
It is such a positive feeling to make beauty. Every time I dye it, I want to grow your beauty.
With that in mind, Naseed Color was born.
Naseed color contains naturally derived ingredients.
Two seed oils (= plant seed oils) and six types of organic herbal extracts lead to a clear, moisturized hair color that gives you the image you want to be.

■ NASEED's “elementary” In addition to the two seed oils, it is packed with natural natural ingredients. ■
● About seed oil ...

・ Macademia nut oil (moisturizing ingredient)

The oil obtained from macadamia seeds improves the feel of the hair.

・ Grape seed oil <grape seed oil> (moisturizing ingredient)

Refined oil from European Busou seeds.
Moisturizes hair.

● About the ingredients ...
・ Chlorophyll <sodium copper chlorophyll> (moisturizer)
A naturally occurring ingredient that plays a central role in the photosynthesis of plants and algae.

・ Soy protein <soy protein hydrolyzate> (moisturizer)
A naturally occurring ingredient that plays a central role in the photosynthesis of plants and algae.

・ Sodium hyaluronate (moisturizer)
Sodium hyaluronate, which has excellent moisturizing properties, wraps hair in a natural moisturizing veil.

● 6 kinds of organic herbal extracts (moisturizing / protecting ingredients)

The moisturizing effect of 6 types of organic herbal extracts suppresses dryness and keeps you healthy.

● 6 kinds of herbal extracts

Contains 6 types of natural herbal extracts [Hypericum erectum, Chamomile, Japanese linden, Toukisenka, Cornflower, Roman chamomile] with excellent moisturizing and hair protection effects.

● About fragrance ...
Reduces the scent peculiar to hair color.
A comfortable color process with the scent of floral woody musk.

Citrus fruits such as bergamot, orange and lemon, and refreshing top notes of leafy green are treated with gorgeous florals such as lily and muguet, and the base is finished with an elegant scent of woody notes and musk.

Napla Naseed Color Quick Type is for adult women who color their hair frequently.
This is a quick type hair color that dyes gray hair well in 10 to 15 minutes.
Organic herbal extracts and natural ingredients are used to achieve speedy dyeing and color retention while caring for the hair.

Be sure to follow the standard leave time of 10 to 20 minutes for NAPLA NACID COLOR Quick Type.
Exceeding the appropriate leave time may result in excessive darkness.

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