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Napla Medicinal Fillcure Essence Gold 180ml

Napla Medicinal Fillcure Essence Gold 180ml

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* Medicinal hair restorer / hair growth promoter / quasi-drug

Features Cepharanthine is included as a medicinal ingredient.
Contains Cordyceps sinensis extract, Clara extract, Mentha extract, and Rosemary extract.
A medicated hair restorer that nurtures healthy hair and scalp with the blessings of the earth.

[How to use]
Dry the scalp as much as possible, apply an appropriate amount, and massage lightly with your fingertips.

Active Ingredients: Cepharanthine, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate
Other ingredients: Purified water, ethanol, deoxylipo diffusion potassium, royal jelly extract, rosemary extract, peppermint extract, clara extract (1), winter worm summer grass extract, glycolic acid, carrot extract, natural vitamin E, hinokithiol, β-cyclodextrin, Strong ammonia water, phenoxyethanol

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