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Napla HB FANTASCARE M treatment 170g

Napla HB FANTASCARE M treatment 170g

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A home care shampoo and treatment containing herbal extracts
Relax your hair and soul.
Three types of shampoos and treatments that you can choose according to your desired style and texture.

[C type]
A shampoo that is mildly acidic and smooth, and a treatment that moisturizes and finishes with an excellent emollient effect are ideal for color hair.

[D type]
Ideal for curly and damaged hair that gathers hair that is easy to spread and finishes it with moisturized hair

[M type]
A shampoo that lathers well, suppresses squeaks and dryness, and cleans smoothly, and a hair treatment that gives a shine and a soft, silky finish.

Each type contains collagen and silk protein that care for the hair to enhance the moisturizing effect and improve the feel and luster. In addition, 6 kinds of herbal extracts are blended to enhance the moisturizing and hair protection effect.
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