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beauty experience (moltobene)

MOLTOBENE Loretta Special Day Treatment (150ml)

MOLTOBENE Loretta Special Day Treatment (150ml)

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The day before the big day! Special care to make your skin glow and moisturize

The high penetrating power of nanosized royal jelly enhances immediate sensitivity and leads to richer, more manageable hair than usual.
Rich in plant butters and plant oils, it moisturizes and tames even the ends of your hair.

Feature Ingredients: Nano Royal Jelly / Kupuas Butter / Murumuru Butter / Inca-Inch Oil / Tahitian Tiare / Baobab Oil / Damask Rose Oil

Smoothness ★★★★★
Moist ★★★★☆
Luster ★★★★☆
Moisture ★★★★☆
Fragrance Rose


Recommended for the following people

  • Short hair - long hair
  • Soft hair - hard hair
  • High damage hair


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