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MOLTOBENE deep layer balancing water treatment (400mL refill)

MOLTOBENE deep layer balancing water treatment (400mL refill)

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For highly damaged hair that repeats bleaching and double color
Water treatment that gives softness and moisture
“3 seconds moisturizing charge”
A water treatment that instantly* softens and moisturizes highly damaged hair that has undergone repeated bleaching and double coloring. (water treatment)
Adjusts the moisture balance of the hair and leads to a good texture. (No standing time required)
A mellow pear scent.

3-step in-bath care for a soft and coherent texture
(Can be used as a single item without stacking)

how to use
After shampooing, thoroughly rinse off the foam, and apply Balancing Water Treatment. A sign of completion when you feel the warmth. Layer the treatment on top and rinse off. Finally, dry it with a hair dryer.

1. Shampoo
    Rinse off after shampooing
2. Balancing water treatment
    Apply evenly to damaged areas
    Recommended to use once or twice a week.
*For medium hair, use the memory on the back as a guide.
3. Treatment
   Lay it on top of the balancing water treatment and rinse off.

Point 1
New sense of hair care! High Penetration * Water Treatment * Booster Effect
The water-like texture quickly spreads through the hair, and just rubbing it in for 3 seconds gives it a moist texture.
Hydrophilic permeation-promoting ingredients deliver repair and moisturizing ingredients to the inside of damaged hair.
Internal repair ingredients: hydrolyzed keratin (feather), betaine
Booster component: Cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid bisethoxydiglycol

Point 2
Moisture balance! Adds manageability and softness to hair
Ingredients that adjust the moisture balance in the hair moisturize hair that has been damaged by bleaching or perming, leading to soft and manageable hair.
Hair softening/moisturizing ingredient: Baobab seed extract
Repair/moisturizing ingredient: Hydroxyethylurea

Point 3
Instantly* coat the hair surface! For soft and smooth hair (*no leave time required)
Reacts with moisture after shampooing to warm the hair, and fine molecules gently coat the uneven surface.
It leads to hair that feels good to the touch.
Coat component: myristyl alcohol

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