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beauty experience (moltobene)

MOLTOBENE deep layer 3 (470g)

MOLTOBENE deep layer 3 (470g)

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Product Description
Step 3 of a 5-step system treatment for salon use.
Adheres the repair ingredients to the inside of the hair.
The repair ingredients replenished in step 2 coagulate to fill in the gaps and fix inside the hair.
Keratide agglomerates and swells bang to fill in the gaps inside the hair, strengthening it!

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount to each block of hair, focusing on the damaged areas of the hair, and comb through.
For best results, apply a small amount to each block of hair and comb through.

Di (phytosteryl/octyldodecyl) lauroyl glutamate, sodium dilauroyl glutamate lysine, DPG, diethyl sebacate

Beauty Experience
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