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Milbon PLARMIA Day Essence 30ml

Milbon PLARMIA Day Essence 30ml

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Is your daytime hair dry?

Dry, uncoordinated, dull ... For adults' worries.
Hair finishing oil with a glossy cohesiveness that lasts a long time during the day.
Simply apply it to your dry hair and stroke it.
Push type that does not drip or put out too much.
It spreads well and fits well.
Therefore, it doesn't become heavy and it's hard to make a petan.
In addition, UV protection protects hair from UV damage.
◎ Elegant fruity bouquet scent

▼ Recommended for people like this
・ Even if you finish it beautifully in the morning, it will be dry in the daytime.
・ I take care of it after taking a bath at night, but I want to add something before going out.
・ I'll try to add this and that, but it doesn't work because it's dry or petty.

▼ Features Ingredients
Ingredients that do not evaporate more than 99%.
Therefore, it is hard to get dry over time.
A blend of 3 types of long-acting ingredients.
Apricot oil (moisturizing ingredient): Gloss
Sugar squalane (moisturizing ingredient): Non-greasy, easy to spread
Rice bran oil (moisturizing ingredient): Cohesive

Hair care leave-in treatment oil

[How to use]
[1] Spread evenly on the palm.
Short: 1 push
Medium to long: 2 pushes
* A small amount will spread well, so adjust according to the amount of hair.
[2] Lightly apply to dry, dry hair tips.
[3] Divide the hair into left and right, sandwich it with both hands and pass it through to the tip of the hair.
Try to hold down the fluffy hair on the surface.

Coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, squalane, jojoba oil, oleic oleate, isostearyl alcohol, ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, tocopherols, fragrances

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