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Milbon Jemile Fran Shampoo (diamond) 50 ml

Milbon Jemile Fran Shampoo (diamond) 50 ml

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For coarse hair

For hair that fits comfortably and is hard to get entangled

≪For normal hair to coarse hair≫
Highly water-retaining silk softener gives softness to hair, making it easy to settle and hard to get entangled.
The double effect of the protein "CMADK (hair repair ingredient)", which has the ability to inflate the hair with "fine hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient)" that has the ability to store water, and has the ability to maintain that state, traps plenty of moisture in the hair.
The more you wash it with shampoo, the more it swells from the core of the hair, prepares the cuticle, and leads to hair that is not entangled and easy to move.
"Fruity Pure Peony" scent with enhanced fruit and green scent

[What is jemile fran ...]
A hair care series that changes hair into beautifully swaying hair that does not get entangled with Srun.
It is thought to be close to the feelings of working women in their 20s, and even if you are busy, you can easily take care of your hair.
The hair of women in their twenties is prone to damage from the middle to the tips, and especially women who pursue beauty such as color and iron are more entangled.
Just wash such hair with shampoo every day to make it beautiful with cuticles for each hair.
In addition, the gentle and relaxing scent of pure peony creates a comfortable bath time.

[How to use]
Pre-wash to remove light stains and moisten the entire hair for about 1 minute to make the shampoo easier to foam.
Before washing with shampoo, lather well and use your hands to spread the lather to the ends of the hair.
Carefully wash the entire hair with foam, not just the skin.
Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Water, cocamidopropyl betaine, olefin (C14-16) sodium sulfonate, cocoylmethyl taurine Na, cocamidomethyl MEA, laures sulfosuccinate 2Na, laures-6 sodium acetate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, carboxymethylalanyl disulfide keratin (wool) , Lauroyl silk amino acid Na, polyquaternium-10, polyquaternium-52, polyquaternium-73, lauryl betaine, laures-16, sodium lactate, glycyrrhizinate 2K, succinyl glycyrrhetinic acid 2Na, glycerin, BG, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, AMP, EDTA-2Na, Na benzoate, phenoxyethanol, fragrance

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