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Milbon Jemile Fran melty butter balm 40g

Milbon Jemile Fran melty butter balm 40g

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≪For coarse hair≫
Solid type non-rinse treatment.
A double blend of botanical butter with shea butter <moisturizing ingredient> to give more moisture and make your hair more cohesive.
It can also be used as a hand cream.
It is important to put it on wet hair.
Melty butter melts with the heat of the dryer, cools and hardens, and remembers the beautifully organized state.
The next day's unity will change with a little effort before it dries out.

◎ Sweet scent that changes over time
Freshly applied: Relaxing sweetness (Biony & La France)
Dry: Refreshing sweetness (Biony & Jasmine)
After drying: Deep sweetness (Biony & Musk)

[What is jemile fran ...]
A hair care series that changes hair into beautifully swaying hair that does not get entangled with Srun.
It is thought to be close to the feelings of working women in their 20s, and even if you are busy, you can easily take care of your hair.
The hair of women in their twenties is prone to damage from the middle to the tips, and especially women who pursue beauty such as color and iron are more entangled.
Just wash such hair with shampoo every day to make it beautiful with cuticles for each hair.
In addition, the gentle and relaxing scent of pure peony creates a comfortable bath time.

[How to use]
≪Dry it before drying after taking a bath≫
[1] Melt an appropriate amount at the body temperature of the palm and stretch it well, then apply it in the order of the middle of the towel-dried hair → the tip of the hair → the surface.
[2] Turn down and dry the whole hair so that it comes forward, then nigiri through dry. Grip your hair, pull it, apply the heat of the dryer, and remember the straight state.
[3] Pinch and roll the ends of the hair, then apply the heat of the dryer to memorize the ends of the hair.

≪Estimated usage amount≫
Short bob: 0.5 pearls
Medium: 1 pearl
Long: 1.5 pearls

Dimethicone, mineral oil, shea butter, (moringa oil / hydrogenated moringa oil) esters, polyethylene, sunflower seed wax, solves -30 tetraoleate, behentrimonium metosulfate, cetanol, jojoba oil, carboxymethylalanyl disulfide Kelatin (wool), water, BG, AMP, tocopherol, lauryl betaine, fragrance, phenoxyethanol
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