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Milbon Jemile Fran heat gloss Treatment J 180g

Milbon Jemile Fran heat gloss Treatment J 180g

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Thick touch that sticks to your fingers

Every time you use heat to dry it, you will feel more glossy!
For moist hair that is fresh and makes you want to stare.
Contains CMADK to repair hair whose protein has leaked due to damage.
Recommended for those with thick hair and those with normal hair that are damaged.

◎ Deep and sweet rich viony scent
A modern scent with powdery notes warmly wrapping sweet and sour mixed berries and an elegant floral bouquet.

[What is Gemir Fran Heat Gloss ...]
Women who prepare beauty with a hair dryer and iron.
Pay attention to such women's hair dryer habits.
Contains Heat Gloss PPT, a hair repair ingredient that reacts to the heat of the dryer.
With the heat of the hair dryer on your side, it has evolved to increase the glossiness of your hair!
Every time it dries, it becomes soft and looks beautiful.

During shampoo ... Prepare to a soft material
During the treatment ... Prepare a glossy material
During drying ... Every time it is dried using heat, it is glossy!

Please try it with a set of shampoo and treatment.

[How to use]
After shampooing, remove enough water, apply an appropriate amount to the center of the hair tips, and let it blend into the entire hair.
From the middle to the tip of the hair, pass your finger through it with a little force.
If you do it until it becomes exhausted, you will get a glossy finish.
Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Water, stearyl alcohol, cetanol, behentrimonium chloride, dimethicone, propanediol, isopropanol, squalane, PPG-9 diglyceryl, glyceryl stearate (SE), PCA, PCA-Na, (dihydroxymethylsilylpropoxy) hydroxypropyl hydrolysis Silk, Theobroma Grange Florum Seed Fat, Mango Seed Fat (Macademia Seed Oil / Hydrogenated Macademia Seed Oil) Esters, Carboxymethylalanyl disulfide keratin (wool), Hydrolyzed keratin (wool), diethyl sebacate, cellulose gum, polyvinyl Alcohol, lauryl betaine, dialkyl (C12-18) dimonium chloride, cetearesu 25, cetearesu 7, tetraoleate sorbetu 30, sodium chloride, al sulfate, amodimethicone, biscetealyl amodimethicone, glycolic acid, BG, AMP, BHT , Phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone, fragrance
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