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Milbon GRAND LINKAGE Silkyluxe shampoo 200ml

Milbon GRAND LINKAGE Silkyluxe shampoo 200ml

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Product Description
For those who want to maintain the shape and color of fresh salon color.
The key to beauty is shape and color.
Maintain the beautiful "shape" and "color" immediately after salon coloring,
Grand Linkage" is a new color care brand that maintains the beautiful "shape" and "color" immediately after salon coloring.
Keep your hair looking beautiful even at home, just after salon coloring.
It makes the hair of women of all ages shine beautifully.

Three features
Shape care of hair texture
Fade-inhibiting effect
A choice of textures

Home care
Three lines to choose from according to the finished texture
Silky Luxe - smooth (for soft hair)
Willow Luxe - supple (for normal hair)
Velour Luxe - Moist (for hard/frizzy hair)

An uplifting airy floral scent based on green apple.

Silky Luxe Shampoo
Soft and silky (for soft hair): Suppresses fading caused by trace amounts of chlorine and leaves hair soft and manageable.
Cleanses hair without tangling and leaves it easy to run your fingers through.

Directions for use
Massage shampoo onto hair and scalp. Then rinse off.

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