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Milbon Elujuda FRIZZ FIXER Emulsion+ 120ml

Milbon Elujuda FRIZZ FIXER Emulsion+ 120ml

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Transforms curly and wavy hair into moisturized and manageable hair.
Focuses on the protein "clumps" of curly and wavy hair.

Eljuda Frizz Fixer Emulsion+
Plus type for coarse and unmanageable hair

Provides “ease of handling,” “cohesion,” and its “sustainability.”
Fixer ester* “An ingredient that has the effect of approaching hardened proteins and making them easier to handle with heat.
*Cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid bisethoxydiglycol [emollient ingredient]

Curly hair that is difficult to manage is caused by the proteins in the hair clumping together.
By combining ingredients that approach that stiffness,
Even stubborn curly hair remains soft when hand-dried.
The feature of Frizz Fixer is that it remains easy to shape until the hair is completely dry.

[Points when applying]
1. Take an appropriate amount of Frizz Fixer (2 pumps for medium hair) and spread it between your palm and fingers.
2. First, run your fingers through the middle to ends of your hair to blend it. After that, apply the remaining amount on your hands starting near the roots.
3. Use a coarse-toothed comb to blend all over the hair, starting from the roots.

[Points to consider when drying]
1. Dry your face, which tends to dry out easily.
As it dries, it takes shape at the same time, so by drying around your face and bangs first, you can prevent curls from forming and give your hair a more beautiful look.

2. Dry your entire hair.
If you pinch it between your fingers and gently pull it dry, it will help to loosen the curls.
It is important not to leave it half-dry, but to thoroughly dry the whole area, including the roots and the back of the head!
If you blow the air from the hair dryer at a 45-degree angle to your hair, it will become more shiny.

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