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Milbon CRONNA TREATMENT for Colored Hair 1000g

Milbon CRONNA TREATMENT for Colored Hair 1000g

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For adult women for whom hair color is indispensable.
A daily treatment that achieves luster and manageability.
Focusing on the changes in hair that occur as hair loses luster and becomes more difficult to manage as it ages.
By resetting the hair and preventing the loss of hair protein, it creates luster and manageability.
In addition, Aroma Squalane Rose (moisturizing ingredient) is blended to improve smoothness.
Continued use will lead to shiny, manageable, and touchable hair.

Rose scent
A feminine fragrance blending gorgeous rose and mixed fruits.

Directions for use
After shampooing, lightly drain water and apply an appropriate amount to the ends of the hair. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
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