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Milbon CRONNA Day and Night Oil 120ml

Milbon CRONNA Day and Night Oil 120ml

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A leave-in treatment that can be used after washing your hair at night.
For a smooth and cohesive finish.
If you use it on dry hair in the morning, it will give you a glossy and manageable finish.
The luster that shines from the inside lasts.
If you apply the heat of the dryer, it will dry, and if it is room temperature, it will continue to be moist.
It is a dual-purpose oil that can be used wet or dry.
Formulated with rice bran oil to keep hair shiny and manageable for a long time.

◎ White flower scent
A clean white flower with herb and fruit scents.
It has a natural scent that is easy to use in the morning and at night.

[What is CRONNA Crona...]
For the hair and scalp of adult women who need hair color.
A simple care brand that aims to be beautiful in a limited amount of time.
With the gentleness of nature, it creates a freshly dyed beauty and a glossy and cohesive finish.

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