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Shampoo Vitalize <Shampoo for scalp and hair>
The "hybrid warm sensation formula" that provides instant warmth and a gradually warming sensation, while comfortably relaxing the scalp and cleansing the hair.

Warming effect and scalp stimulation (by massage)
Creamy and soft lather for a comfortable wash.
Relaxes and loosens stiff scalp.

Refreshing smell, refreshing feeling. Standard for daily use.
Clean your scalp and make your hair more silky while you feel comfortable.

01 Odor care / Functional fragrance and clean scent
Functional fragrance that changes malodorous ingredients such as sweat, sebum, and tobacco odors into a fresh fragrance to refresh the smell. A fresh and clear citrus base is harmonized with fine woody notes to create a clean and intelligent fragrance.

02 Feeling and sensation / The more you use it, the more you feel the sensation and finish.
Each item has its own unique sensation, such as a warm, refreshing cleansing sensation, and the more you use it, the more you will feel its smoothness and fluffy finish. The design makes it easy to continue daily care in an exciting way, and the use of a series of products further enhances the experience.

03 Moisture Charge / Balances moisture and oil
The moisture component "Alpha Glucosyl Rutin*" supports the scalp environment of men, who tend to have a dry and oily scalp, and helps to regulate the sebum balance. The moisture-enhancing "anti-volution function" supports the barrier function of the scalp and hair, leaving hair feeling clean and silky.
* Glucosylrutin: A natural flavonoid ingredient discovered through Takara Belmont's proprietary technology. Supports the moisturizing function of the scalp.

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