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LebeL THEO standard SHAMPOO MILD 250mL

LebeL THEO standard SHAMPOO MILD 250mL

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Mild is a shampoo with a "moisture care formula" designed with delicate scalp and hair in mind. It gently washes away dirt and excess sebum while maintaining the moisture necessary for the scalp and hair.

It also leaves the scalp fresh and smooth after use. While taking care of men's specific concerns, the gentle feel of this shampoo is different from strong scalp care shampoos. Its mild cleansing power makes it comfortable for use by people of all ages.

Characteristics and Expected Effects
Mildly cleanses while adding moisture to scalp and hair
Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to gently care for the scalp
Easy to use even for those with sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic properties
Relatively silky and light finish
Comfortable to use with dense lather
Perfect for daily care in any season

Recommended for
People who prefer shampoos with mild cleansing ingredients
People who prefer a light, silky finish
People who do not like strong stimulation
Those who have a rough or shaky scalp
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