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LebeL THEO standard SHAMPOO ICE FRESH 500mL refill

LebeL THEO standard SHAMPOO ICE FRESH 500mL refill

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"Super refreshing while moisturizing" Evolved version of cold sensation + care sensation!
An overwhelmingly cool sensation. A high quality cold shampoo that does not leave your hair feeling dry.

The most important points of the cool shampoo are "cool feeling", "lather & foam quality", and "smooth feeling when rinsing (moisture)".
Basic Functions of Ice Fresh
Take away】 【Take away
Mild up washing [polyglycerin-based washing ingredients].
While properly removing dirt and sticky sebum, the cushion foam gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin without stripping away moisture.

Alpha Glucosyl Rutin (scalp) Glucosyl Rutin
An ingredient that activates stem cells and enhances their ability to "generate their own moisture".
The skin's healthy structure is formed and functions properly, and the skin's own moisture and strength are improved.

Gives moisture to the skin.
Anti-pollution & moisturizing ingredient (hair) Palmitoyl cha extract
Palmitoyl cha extract (hair): An ingredient that prevents pollen and air pollutants (PM2.5) from adhering to the skin by moisturizing it.
It supports the barrier function and prevents sensitive reactions. It also provides care with its high moisturizing power.

Features of Ice Fresh
Achieves the strongest cooling sensation while maintaining a sense of moisture! No rusty finish characteristic of cool shampoos!
No silicones, no sticking to bleached or permed hair, and a moisturizing feel.
The cooling sensation lasts even longer. Cool and silky breeze.
The smell that is especially bothersome in summer is thoroughly eliminated.
Helps control the phenomenon unique to men (excessive sebum secretion and lack of moisture).

Cool pack formula" provides a cool and moisturizing sensation.
Ice gel ingredients clothe the hair to increase the cooling sensation, and the cooling sensation lasts longer.
The ice gel ingredient coats the hair and locks in moisture, leaving it smooth to the touch and leaving your fingers feeling soft and silky smooth.
This shampoo is a one-rank higher cool shampoo that eliminates the negative elements of cool shampoos in one fell swoop.

Pouch dispensers and pouch holders are sold separately.
LebeL pouch dispenser (for THEO standard shampoo)
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