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LebeL IAU cleansing FRESHMENT (600ml)

LebeL IAU cleansing FRESHMENT (600ml)

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To healthy scalp with high quality shampoo in mild finish formulated with plant-derived and mild cleansing ingredients tailored to skin type.
FRESHMENT for oily skin

Shampoo for oily skin with a firming finish.

Shampoo that cleanses with 100% plant-derived cleaning ingredients. The creamy lather cleanses the skin and smoothes the hair.

Use for
Skin types that are concerned about stickiness.
For those who want to wash their hair more thoroughly.

Grapefruit green scent

Silicone free

[Directions for use]
Rinse hair thoroughly. Rinse hair thoroughly, then take a small amount and wash skin and hair, rinsing well.

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