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LebeL IAU cleansing CLEARMENT (1000ml refill)

LebeL IAU cleansing CLEARMENT (1000ml refill)

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To healthy scalp with high quality shampoo in mild finish formulated with plant-derived and mild cleansing ingredients tailored to skin type.
CLEARMENT for normal skin

Refreshes normal skin.
This shampoo uses 100% plant-derived ingredients to cleanse. The creamy lather cleanses the skin and smoothes the hair.

use for
Normal skin type
To maintain a good balance between skin and hair.

Floral green scent

[How to use]
Rinse hair thoroughly. Rinse hair thoroughly. Then, take an appropriate amount and wash skin and hair, and rinse well.

If you want to use only refills
We recommend this one.
LebeL steel stand & pump

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