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LebeL HITA TREATMENT (800ml refill)

LebeL HITA TREATMENT (800ml refill)

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Turn all kinds of curly hair into hair you can love the way you want.
HITA is a beauty hair care product that provides moisture and softness to combat the dryness, spread, and heat damage characteristic of curly hair, creating daily comfort.

A beautiful hair care shampoo with dense foam that stores moisture and keeps curly hair supple from the roots.

Features of HITA HOME CARE
Hair care using heat
Contains the heat care ingredient erucalactone, which protects hair from the heat of daily hair dryers and irons, keeps it soft, and uses heat to repair hair on a daily basis.

Stays moisturized for 72 hours
Contains a moisturizing magnet ingredient (high-fructose sugar). By combining with amino acids present in keratin inside the hair, it exhibits a high water retention effect and protects the moisture of the hair and scalp.

HITA home care is recommended for the following people:
I want to suppress the spread due to humidity and dryness.
I want to smooth out the dryness characteristic of curly hair.
The thickness of the hair makes it difficult to maintain a style
I want something cohesive without being too heavy.
I want to protect my hair from daily heat damage.
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