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LebeL edol luster 3M (800ml refill)

LebeL edol luster 3M (800ml refill)

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Color gloss without blurring, continued. Hair coloring treatment system. "Robustness" that maintains the color expression as you imagined, and "translucency" that supports clear color gloss. And a smooth texture without compromise to the touch. "Edol luster", which adopted a new process, will change the standard of after-color. For all professionals who pursue color.

[Edol luster 3M] Protects hair color from shampoo immediately after hair color.

Maintains beautiful color and luster and finishes the hair with a smooth texture.

[Finished texture]
M: Moisturized and smooth

[Hair type]
Normal to coarse/ damaged hair

■ Estimated amount of use Medium hair: 4 pushes (approx. 12 ml) Long hair: 5 pushes (approx. 15 ml)

[How to use] After coloring the hair, rinse it plain and use it after lightly draining it. Apply an appropriate amount from the middle to the tip of the hair and comb it to the root. Shampoo as it is without rinsing and rinse well.

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