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LebeL edol bleach 500g

LebeL edol bleach 500g

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[Product Details]
Dramatic brightness. The next generation of tough, flexible bleach.
A powder bleach that removes redness and dramatically lightens hair for an infinitely natural blonde look.

Contains Synergy Oil
Optimizes alkali and active ingredients, while at the same time
At the same time, we have optimized the alkali and active ingredients, and enhanced the bleaching power of pheomelanin, which is the source of redness, by increasing its penetration into the hair.

With the same level of damage as conventional products, the redness of the hair can be removed.
For natural high tone hair that is as close to blonde as possible.

Easy to apply and does not dry out / Moist cream properties
Moisturizing ingredients that retain the moisture content of the cream make it smooth, moist and comfortable to apply.
Moisturizing ingredients help to retain the moisture content of the cream, making it smooth, moist and comfortable to apply. It enhances the comfort of the treatment while preventing dryness.

Non-dust design reduces powder dusting.
The non-dust design reduces the scattering of bleach powder by soaking it in oil.
It is easier to handle and stress-free to use.

[How to use]
1. Mix bleach and two other products according to the condition of the hair (brightness, damage) and the finished image. (Pre-treatment will be done depending on the damage condition.
2. Apply the bleach and leave it on.
Leave it for 10-40 minutes. Apply the bleach without touching the scalp as much as possible.
3. Take strands from two or three places, such as the top, sides, and back, wipe off the chemical, and then check.
4. Rinse carefully and shampoo & treat.
Content volume 500g
Main ingredients [Active ingredients] potassium persulfate, ammonium persulfate
Other ingredients] Sodium metasilicate anhydrous, Magnesium carbonate, Sodium silicate (powder), Sodium stearate, Guar gum, Liquid paraffin, Disodium edetate
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