KOSE CLEAR TURN Skin Plump Medicinal whitening Masks (50 sheets)

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An all-in-one mask with 6 roles that can treat spots and dry fine wrinkles at the same time.
With daily skin care, your skin will be fluffy and transparent.
Large capacity 50 sheets included.

● For plump skin with inconspicuous fine wrinkles
Do you have such a problem?・ I'm worried about dry fine wrinkles ...
・ I want to take measures against stains and dryness ...
I recommend it to such people
6 roles per sheet that can care for spots and dry fine wrinkles at the same time
All-in-one mask clear turn medicated whitening
Skin white mask (50 sheets)

Fruity floral scent

● Whitening active ingredient tranexamic acid + moisturizing charge ingredient
With daily skin care, you can prevent spots and dry fine wrinkles *,
It gives you a fluffy, transparent skin.
Moisture penetrates deep into the stratum corneum due to the sealing effect of the mask.
Fill with full moisture.
* Efficacy evaluation tested

Contains tranexamic acid, an active whitening ingredient
-Suppresses melanin production and prevents spots and freckles

Moisturizing charge ingredient
-Collagen, hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, natural moisturizing factor (serine),
Contains glycerin

● Skin care is completed with one sheet! All-in-one all-face mask
An all-in-one mask with 6 roles per sheet that quickly penetrates into the skin after cleansing.

From lotion to pack and eye mask, you can complete special care with just one sheet.

Even busy people can easily take aging care and dryness measures!
In addition, the efficacy evaluation test has been completed, so you can feel the effect firmly.

● Nice compact size
Three commitments of "Clear Turn Medicinal Whitening Skin White Mask"

(1) Adhesion sheet made of 100% natural material

Adhesive sheet made of 100% natural material
It fits comfortably around your eyes.

Effectively penetrates the beauty essence into the skin
It gives you a soft, firm and transparent skin.

(2) The clear turn mask does not dare to hollow out the eyes.

Focus on eye care that tends to lack moisture
I left the sheet on purpose.

By lowering the sheet around the eyes,
Moisture care can be done with double thickness.