KOSE CLEAR TURN Skin Plump Masks (50 sheets)

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A sheet mask that fills the eyes and mouth with moisture deep into the stratum corneum and provides intensive care for dry fine wrinkles. The retinol derivative, which is a compounding ingredient, has the effect of promoting the production of collagen and elastin, and is a highly aging care ingredient that prevents dry fine wrinkles and sagging. Contains moisturizing charge ingredients to keep your skin moisturized. 6 roles per sheet (toner, serum, milky lotion, cream, face pack, eye mask) Large-capacity type (50 sheets included) that can be used every day. Weakly acidic, non-colored, non-mineral oil

A sheet mask that can care for fine wrinkles and makes your skin plump!
The eyes and mouth that you care about are filled with moisture deep into the stratum corneum due to the sealing effect of the mask.
Intensive care for dry fine wrinkles. It gives you plump skin.

An all-in-one mask that can be fully used.
This is an all-in-one all-face mask that completes skin care with just one piece.
It quickly penetrates the skin after cleansing and fills it with moisture.

A sheet that has both a soft feel and an excellent fit.
A soft sheet made from downy hair around cotton seeds.
It fits so that it sticks to your eyes and mouth.