KOSE CLEAR TURN Beautiful Skin Craftsman Black Pearl Mask (7 sheets)

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A sheet pack containing black pearl extract, which is said to have a high aging care effect. Recommended for those who are worried about lack of luster and lack of elasticity. Black pearl extract and a rich beauty essence based on beautiful hot spring water, which is famous as a hot spring for beautiful skin, penetrates into the sheet. A domestically produced soft sheet made from handmade Japanese paper fits the skin, leaving it moisturized and lustrous and elastic. Free formulation that is gentle on the skin (weakly acidic, fragrance-free, coloring-free, mineral oil-free). Contains 7 sheets.

For those who are worried about lack of luster and lack of elasticity, "Beautiful skin craftsman black pearl mask" is recommended.

Extract the extract by decomposing the protein contained in the nacre.
It is said that the aging care effect is high.
It leads to glossy and elastic skin.

A rich beauty essence that is based on the famous hot spring water for beautiful skin and contains beauty ingredients such as sake.

The skin-beautifying craftsman moisturizes and moisturizes your skin.

A three-layered sheet mask made from a clear stream with abundant amount of water.

The sheet made by handmade Japanese paper manufacturing technology is easy to spread with moderate elasticity and fits perfectly on the skin.
You can slowly deliver the concentrated beauty essence contained in the sheet to your skin.

We are particular about the gentleness to the skin.
Mild acidity
Mineral-free oil