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Directions for use
After washing hair, take an appropriate amount of hair conditioner and apply evenly to scalp and hair, massage lightly, and rinse off.

Active ingredients
Stearyl glycyrrhetinate, piroctone olamine

Indications or effects
Prevents dandruff and itching. Prevents perspiration odor on hair and scalp. Replenishes and maintains hair moisture and fat. Prevents split, cut, and branched hair
Keeps hair and scalp healthy

Product Features
  • Protects hair from friction and heat from the hair dryer with conditioning and moisturizing effects, and leaves hair with a smooth texture.
  • Cleanses the scalp environment and prevents dandruff and itching.
  • Moisturizing ingredients (Enmeiso extract and Kuzin extract) moisturize and soften the scalp.
  • Prevents the smell of perspiration and keeps scalp and hair clean.
  • Herbal green fragrance

<Active ingredients>
Stearyl glycyrrhetinate, piroctone olamine

<Other ingredients>
Water, Ethanol, Enmeiso extract, Kuzin extract, Jojoba oil, Concentrated glycerin, Light liquid isoparaffin, Polyglyceryl monolaurate, Highly polymerized methylpolysiloxane (1), Aminoethylaminopropylsiloxane-dimethylsiloxane copolymer emulsion, Stearyl trimethylammonium chloride Stearyl trimethylammonium chloride, propylene glycol, stearyl alcohol, cethanol, alkyl trimethylammonium chloride, oxybenzone, citric acid, fragrance

Precautions for use and storage
Use with care to avoid scalp irritation.
Do not use if you have skin problems such as rashes, dermatitis (rash, sores), or wounds or rashes, as they may worsen.
If you notice irritation, redness, swelling, itching, color loss (such as vitiligo), or darkening, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist or other healthcare professional.
If it gets into eyes, rinse eyes immediately with clean water.
Keep out of reach of children.
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