Milbon Deesee's linkage μ 1 600g

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[1st STEP] [For thin hair that is easily entangled] 

★ For thin hair that is easily entangled (normal course)
⇒ "Each one that feels moisturized at the ends of the hair is smooth finger passage"
Arrange the cuticle to create a highly slippery veil

"1st STEP" Adjusts the evenness to the ends of the hair
■ Amino oil (hair protection ingredient) / Amodimethicone
The familiar oil concentrates on the damaged hair tips to even out the hair surface.
■ Adhesive pseudo-ceramide (hair repair ingredient) / cetyl PG hydroxyethyl palmitamide
Pseudoceramide similar to the lipid layer constituents of CMC
■ "Citrus fruity" scent that makes you feel relaxed
Image of fruits such as oranges and grapefruits

[How to use]
After shampooing and towel-drying, apply an appropriate amount from the middle to the damaged part of the hair tips.
After that, move on to the next operation (2nd STEP).

[Estimated amount of use] Approximately 15g (5 pushes) for medium hair

Water, amodimethicone, cetanol, stearyltrimonium bromide, stearyl alcohol, isopropanol, arginine, cetyl PG hydroxyethyl palmitamide, dicocodimonium chloride, stealtrimonium chloride, laures-5 · (aminoethylaminopropylmethicone / dimethicone) Copolymers, AMPs, fragrances