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What kind of treatment is HITA treatment in the first place?

Active plex of HITA which shows an effect on curly hair

By "activating" the plex ingredients, the next-generation plex prescription "Active Plex" is used, which dramatically increases the fixing power to the hair, prevents damage, and affects not only the texture but also the shape.

Plex is a treatment agent that penetrates into the hair and restores protein bonds to their original state.

By activating, the plex ingredient takes in urea, and by having a high water retention capacity and a "structural softness" like a hinge, it is effective against frizzy hair.


Recommended for people like this!
Those who do not feel the effect of system treatment
Those who tend to spread or undulate hair due to unruly hair or humidity
Those who are damaged by bleach
Those who tend to sleep
Those who use an iron or trowel every morning
Those who have already straightened curly hair

HITA treatment will relieve this stress that can't be solved just by taking care of yourself.

Not suitable for such people!
Those who want to straighten curly hair
 Recommend curly hair straightening and straight perm!

Those who have flattened hair, those who want to add volume
 Regular system treatment is recommended!