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The lavender color instantly makes your skin look beautiful, and the light effect makes your skin look clear and fair. The translucence of the beautiful skin application lasts forever.

[SPF50+  PA++++]

Point 1
The strongest* UV-cut effect! SPF50+ PA++++
The strongest* essence with the highest UV cut index* that is hard to remove by sweat, water, and sebum blocks UV A and B waves for a long time. It prevents sun spots and freckles caused by sunburn.

Point 2
Instantly makes your skin look beautiful
Lavender color
A lavender color that reduces dullness of the skin, plus fine pink pearls that make the skin look whiter with the effect of light. The result is clear, fair skin that looks great on social media.

Point 3
Fade resistant!
Freshly applied beauty that lasts forever!
Color-fit formula
The color-fit formula adheres to the skin and does not fade or shift even when rubbed off, so the freshly applied skin stays beautiful for a long time.

Point 4
Allergen Guard Function
It adheres to the skin to protect it from environmental stresses such as pollen, dust, and dirt.
to protect the skin from environmental stresses such as pollen, dust, and dirt.

Point 5
Can be used as a makeup base! Can be removed with soap!
Contains skincare ingredients to promote moisturized and clear skin. Improves the application and adherence of foundation and prevents makeup from staining. Can be removed with soap, facial cleanser, or body soap.

[How to use]
Spread a sufficient amount evenly over the skin. Do not use too little or you will not get the full effect of sunscreen.

When removing, wash carefully with a cleanser.

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